The Vampires depicted in DARK are a unique breed with their own abilities and vulnerabilities.

Characteristics Edit

Transformation Edit

Similar to mythological vampires, the vampires of DARK are supernaturally reanimated corpses created when an existing vampire drains a living victim of blood to the point of exsanguination and subsequently death. Upon death, the body rises as a technical vampire with all the abilities and vulnerabilities thereof, but not fully-fledged. Other than death and the subsequent reanimation as well as the acquisition of enhanced abilities, the exact physiological changes newly made vampires undergo are unspecified.

To complete the transition, a drained victim must drink the blood of the vampire who initially drained them; their creator. Theoretically, the blood of an ancient and powerful vampire, those who have existed for several decades at least, may serve as a substitute for a creator's blood to complete a newly made vampire's transformation.

Ghouls Edit

Newly made vampires who are unable to consume the blood of their creator begin to undergo a disturbing process of mental degeneration as their brain begins to deteriorate. This process makes the gradually more animalistic until they lose all memory, cognitive function and humanity.

Abilities Edit

Vampire possess superhuman physical prowess sufficient to make them just superior enough to hunt their natural prey: Humans. Generally, vampires develop their own unique abilities as they age; ancient vampires who have existed for centuries are said to possess incredible powers.

All vampires exhibit some degree of increased strength and speed; able to lift cars and strike opponents with intense force, jump across high-rises, and move faster than the eye can follow. Their senses of sight, smell and hearing are similarly heightened. Each vampire has an unique ability which varies from vampire to vampire.

Vampires are also considerably more resilient than humans and can perfectly recover from most injuries, even gunshot wounds that would kill a living human, in seconds with no seeming discomfort. They are not invulnerable, however, and can be slain by intense injuries and trauma, even from gunshots, if they cannot find cover and take time to heal either on their own or through use of their vitae.