Powers are the various supernatural abilities used by Eric Bane to take down his enemies and tackle the numerous obstacles in his path to find his creator in DARK. In order to utilize these abilities, Eric spends blood points. It is implied by Tom Barner that each vampire gains a unique talent, though it is unclear if this applies to Eric Bane.


Powers are divided into three categories: Inherent Powers, Vampiric Powers and Passive Powers. They typically affect either combat or stealth abilities, though some can make Eric more resistant to damage while others can affect the minds of enemies.

Inherent PowersEdit

Vampiric Powers Edit

  • Vampiric Speed - Acts as a movement speed boost that slows down time around Eric.
  • Confusion
  • Distract - Allows Eric to distract his foes when out of combat; distract uses a targeting reticule.
  • Regeneration - Allows Eric to use the blood he drinks to restore his health.
  • Shadow Kill - Appears to function by using Shadow Leap with a finishing, mortal blow; costs a single blood point.
  • Shadow Leap- Allows Eric to 'leap' or teleport short distances through the shadows; costs no blood points, but has a cooldown; if used before the cooldown is up, it will cost a blood point.
  • Obscure - Allows Eric to stalk his prey invisibly.
  • Vampire Vision - An ability that functions as echolocation, allowing Eric to see circulating blood throughout the room. It does not work on undead.
  • Subdue - Allows Eric to confuse and daze enemies, stunning them for a short time and making them oblivious to their surroundings.
  • Shadow Grip - Allows Eric to grab an enemy telekinetically and slam them on the ground.
  • Presence - Functions similarly to Domination, except it affects several enemies with an area.
  • Silence

Eric also has the following two basic skills:

  • Stealth Attack
  • Bite - Eric bites a victim and drains their blood; slower and louder; rewards one blood point.

Passive PowersEdit

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