John E. Blooming
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Vampire

John E. Blooming is the Director of the Harding Museum. Despite having been turned into a vampire roughly a year ago, Blooming is still somewhat mentally-unstable, and enjoys engaging in acts of brutality that would shock even truly sick individuals.


Blooming is spearheading the museum's new medieval exhibit project, and is possibly making use of some of those intimidating implements of torture that are otherwise mere 'exhibits' to everyone else.

Several PDAs placed around the museum offer hints of his inhumanty, the first of which implies that he sends his subordinates to the poorest neighbourhoods of the city to kidnap impoverished and/or homeless citizens whom he believes will not be missed for purposes referred to only as "exhibits" for the 'Body World' exhibition, in which he appears to have taken a keen interest.