Ghouls are zombie-like vampires that have been unable to consume the blood of their sires, causing them to revert to a savage, near-mindless state.


Ghouls are feral, gaunt and spit corrosive vomit at their enemies, in addition to mauling them with their claws.  Their teeth become enlarged and pointed, resembling a shark's maw, and much of the skin on their faces and hands become blackened, extending somewhat into large veins.  They also appear to be able to retain the use of some vampiric abilities, such as Shadow Leap.  While unable to utilise even rudimentary tactics, they still make dangerous foes, especially for a fledgling such as Eric Bane.

According to Rose and Tom, the mind of a vampire begins to deteriorate after their transformation if, for whatever reason, they are unable drink their creator's blood.  Tom further explains that this process takes only a few nights, emphasising the urgency of Eric's situation, as he will soon become a ghoul himself if he cannot find his sire.