Eric Bane
Vital statistics
Title(s) Eric Bane
Gender Male
Race Fledgling vampire
Potential ghoul

Promotional art

Eric Bane is a recently-turned vampire and the protagonist of DARK.


Following his transformation into a vampire, Eric suffers from amnesia, only capable of recalling his own name and beguiling visages of an apparently angelic figure who speaks in vague, confusing terms.  Following a brief period of stumbling around the vampire-centric nightclub Sanctuary in an effort to regain his senses, a bouncer directs a still-confused Eric towards his boss, Tom Barner.  April Kruger, the club's bartender, is convinced to whip up a 'Bloody Mary' by a mysterious woman before being directed to speak to the club's head of security (Tom).  After Eric meets Tom, the latter recognises that he could turn into a ghoul without assistance, and leads Eric back to the owner of the club, who turns out to be Rose, the woman who purchased Eric's drink.

Eric's disbelief of the claims of Rose and Tom that he is now a vampire is soon shattered when, at Rose's request, Tom attempts to shoot Eric, who instinctively reacts to the attack by bursting into a cloud of smoke and re-materialising on the other side of the room, which confirms for Eric that he is indeed no longer human, though he is, at first, not sure what had occured, as he is slow to accept the change.


With the knowledge that a Hellish existence as a mindless, predatory and - in all likelihood, brief  - creature of the night is the fate that awaits him should he not find the vampire that turned him, Eric Bane has precious few options available in regards to morality.  His amnesia leaves him with allies he can't remember and enemies he never knew he had.  And these enemies aren't messing around - they know how to fight vampires, and vampires have never seen the likes of them before.