Developer(s) RealmForge
Publisher(s) Kalypso Media
Platform(s) Xbox 360
Windows PC
Release date(s) Summer 2013
Genre(s) Third-person stealth action
Rating(s) Mature (17+) ESRB

DARK is an exciting third-person stealth-action video game for the Xbox 360 and Windows PC. DARK — developed by RealmForge, creators of the award-winning Dungeons — puts players in the role of a vampire out to discover the secrets of the mysterious global GeoForge Corporation.

By making the most of powerful vampire skills, stealth and lethal combat abilities, players will engage and destroy their enemies, while moving silently through a stylized futuristic cityscape. The treacherous techno-punk universe of DARK is rendered in gorgeous cel-shaded graphics with gameplay that tests players' ability to master both stealth and combat. DARK is slated for a release June 28th for PC, July 5th (Europe) and July 9th (North America) for Xbox 360

Background Edit

Eric Bane, the recently turned vampire, is the protagonist of DARK. His recent transformation from comes with some serious side effects, as he can't remember anything from before he became a vampire – neither the transformation itself nor his past, everything is dark except, his name. The one thing he knows to survive is that he has to drink the blood of his sire…the problem is: his sire has disappeared without a trace. You, playing as Eric, will need to track down your creator, and unravel the mysteries within DARK.

Pre-order Edit

Pre-order DARK and receive a digital download package that includes an extensive strategy guide, the main theme song, plus a remix, wallpaper, and a digital poster.

Features Edit

  • Stealth and action meet role-playing: earn experience, pick your dialogue choices and develop your skills to become the ultimate hunter
  • Use impressive vampiric skills and powerful melee attacks to eliminate your foes from the cover of darkness – go invisible(obfuscation), stalk your prey unnoticed and devastate them with up-close attacks. Your powers range from teleportation to mind control.
  • A variety of enemies await your fangs – from mortal human police and security guards to fellow creatures of the night
  • Make your way through lavishly appointed environments, from the city museum to the hidden fortress of a vampire lord hidden within a towering skyscraper
  • Impressive 3D cel-shaded graphics

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