• Raylan13

    DARK Previews

    May 13, 2013 by Raylan13

    Though DARK isn't out yet, some lucky reviews got their hands on a bit of a preview. Below you'll find snippets of those reviews with accompanying links to the full articles.

    Remember that you can pre-order DARK via your favorite gaming outlet to receive exclusive perks!

    • EuroGamer: ...dig deeper and it looks to bring about one of the most innovative approaches to stealth around. Part Deus Ex, part Splinter Cell, and part Vampire: The Masquerade, Dark's unique mechanics look far too enticing to stay buried in the shadows.
    • Vagary TV: Dark takes a different approach to the stealth genre. The combat looked fluid, the skill set was plentiful and the art style was stunning. Only a small handful of games surprised me this year that I didn’t know about…

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